Wasabi is traditionally used to garnish sushi and soba noodle dishes in Japan. Wasabi closely resembles horse radish. Wasabi is used to add a distinctive flavour to Japanese food. Wasabi is bright green colour which gives a visual dimension to Japanese foods. Buy wasabi in our online shop.

Japanese wasabi and wasabi joyu

Wasabi PasteGood wasabi isn’t just spicy, it also has a sweetness and fragrance that is so unique. Wasabi can also be mixed with soy sauce, this is called wasabi joyu. Wasabi in this form is used as a dipping sauce for raw fish and sushi, or poured into a bowl of Japanese noodles. Tofu topped with soy sauce and Wasabi is an example of another traditional food using Wasabi. Wasabi leaves pickled in sake brine or soy sauce are popular accompaniments to white rice. Call the team on 01743 741169 or shop online. Why not visit our restaurants and experience many dishes containing wasabi.

Wasabi history and wasabi health benefits…

Wasabi can be rather hot!Wasabi, known botanically as either wasabia japonica or eutrema japonica is a member of the cabbage family. The thickened stem is typically ground into a pale green horse radish like paste, then served as a condiment, along with soy sauce and pickled ginger, to accompany Japanese-style sushi and sashimi.

Wasabi’s medicinal properties were first documented in the 10th-century. Wasabi is believed to act as an antidote to food poisoning, which is a useful property when served with fresh raw fish. Research in Japan suggests that wasabi may also have anti-carcinogenic properties.

Wasabi has powerful detox properties and it supports the immune system and helps to cleanse the liver. Wasabi contains precursors to phytochemicals called isothiocyanates that help remove toxic substances that are stored in the liver’s fatty tissues. The wasabi plant is a natural, potent support to a healthy, cleansed liver that in turn affects the detoxification and cleansing of the entire body. Wasabi joyu is particularly delicious (wasabi mixed with soy sauce) and this can be used as a dip with healthy vegetables and sushi.

Wasabi peas? You must be joking ….

Wasabi PeasSurely this can’t be true, an amazing dried pea snack food? Surprise yourself and your friends with these horse radish flavoured dried peas ! Great to serve with drinks or to nibble on their own, (150g). Remember that these peas are low in fat. The next time you have guests around, put these inocuous nibbles in a bowl and just wait for the reaction; it will be the talk of the party. Once bitten, you’ll be hooked. Buy some here.

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