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About Mount Fuji

At the Mount Fuji Japanese Bento Restaurants in Birmingham, we offer exquisite Japanese food. The best Japanese food that you can find outside of Japan; Tokyo style! Our online Japanese tea shop delivers Japanese tea to your door.

We serve Japanese traditional Bento and non bento meals, ramen noodles, Udon & Donburi bowls, Japanese curries, sashimi and sushi. 

Fun meals for children!

Children’s Bento Shinkansen style

Sushi day should be every day

Delicious hand rolled sushi and sashima

Healthy Japanese meal boxes

Japanese Bento boxes


The world's #1 nutritional food

Freshly rolled sushi

Eating sushi is a Japanese cultural experience. The best you can find outside of Japan; Tokyo style!

Nutrient rich

Protein, carbs, fat, antioxidants, nutrients, and vitamin, vitamins such as C, E, B12, D and K.

Amazing seaweed

The most mineralised vegetable on Earth. Packed with nutrients such as iodine, iron, and calcium.


The Japanese have the highest life expectancy in the World thanks to their clean and nutritious food. 

Quality ingredients

We place supreme importance on the seasonal bounty of the land and ocean, with freshness the goal.

Oily fish for health

Sushi is rich in Omega3 oils and vitamin D, perfect for brain health and a strong immune system.


Our Customer Reviews

Rafaela C
Tripadvisor Review

Let me tell you, this sushi is absolutely amazing! The ramen is amazing, the Katsu curry is amazing, and the tempura? Absolutely delicious, is my second time coming here and I’ll definitely be coming back.

Luke Darby
Facebook Review
Really nice service and the best chicken karage around love coming to this place
Louise Hutton
Facebook Review
The best Japanese food that I have ever tasted! So tasty, large portions and good value. I cannot recommend enough. We will be back for more!!!
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Japanese food & tea

We've supplied Japanese food and tea from Shizouka for 25 years

Variety of
Japanese Dishes

We have an extensive menu covering all the authentic Japanese dishes

Fast Fresh

Japanese food is freshly cooked onsite by Japanese chefs and sushi masters

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