Japanese Rice Crackers

Wasabi can be rather hot!

Japanese rice crackers and senbei

Japanese Rice Crackers are proving to be extremely popular as they are low in fat (95% fat free) and great tasting. The biscuits, which are oven baked, are made from rice flour, making them gluten free. Why not visit our restaurant and take away some delicious Japanese rice crackers.

Rice crackers …

Wasabi Peas are our most popular snack and are truely the best wasabi on the planet. Do not buy look-a-likes. Edamame Snack is just like the real things ! It looks and taste so good and is super for parties. Bonichi is soft and crunchy, with the a sweet and tasty soy based flavour, they are very moorish! Granny’s Crackers (made by granny!) have a coating of honey on, they are delicious. Kaki no Tane and Wasabi Kaki no Tane are a mixture of small rice crackers (coated with spices and peanuts); the wasabi version is hot stuff! Senbei are Japanese crackers made from rice.

Rice Crackers selection and senbei

Senbei come in various shapes, sizes, and flavours, usually savoury but sometimes sweet. Senbei are often eaten with green tea as a casual snack and offered to visiting house guests as a courtesy refreshment. Senbei are usually cooked by being baked or grilled, traditionally over charcoal. While being prepared they may be brushed with a flavoring sauce, often one made of shoyu and mirin. They are sometimes wrapped with a layer of nori. Buy some here.