Mount Fuji and the Shizuoka Prefecture


Food from Shizuoka Prefecture

Mount Fuji International has unique links to food producers in the Shizuoka Prefecture and is totally committed to boosting the profile of this unique and special region.

Mount Fuji International sells green tea and delicious foods from the Shizuoka region. Shizuoka farmers grow many kinds of crops such as green tea, mandarin oranges, citrus fruits, Japanese horseradish (wasabi) and melons.

Shizuoka also has an amazing abundance of fresh sea food. The combination of climate and geography make Shizuoka a place to find the best Sushi in Japan.

Japanese Tea Growing and Agriculture in Shizuoka

Mount Fuji International’s green tea is produced by Mr Suenaka whose family has been growing their own brand of green tea for over 50 years. Mr Suenka’s farm is at Yabukita which over looks Shimizu city, Shizuoka. The Okitsu river which source is from the foothills of Mount Fuji runs past his farm and is a natural and pure source of water for his tea. The Okitsu river supplies all of Shimizu City with it’s water.

Growing alongside the tea fields are Oranges which Shimizu is also famous for, the climate is particularly special in this unique area. The Oranges are harvested in Decemeber. Japanese tea is very important in Shizuoka, in fact agricultural output in Shizuoka is very high with Shizuoka farmers grow many kinds of crops and plants such as green tea, mandarin oranges, citrus fruits, Japanese horseradish (wasabi), greenhouse melons and various kinds of flowers. Green tea, wasabi and greenhouse melons occupy over 40% of the total national output. Japanese green tea has some remarkable health benefits.

  • Green tea helps to prevent cancer.
    Mortality rates from cancer are low in Japan and especially low in Shizuoka where the consumption of green tea is highest. The main component of green tea is catechinswhich have a proven effect on the reduction of cancer rates.
  • Green tea restricts the increase of blood cholesterol.
    Cholesterol causes a range of diseases in adults. Thecatechins in green tea restrict the build up of blood cholestrol.
  • Green tea controls high blood pressure.
    Green tea is known to help control blood pressure, catechins impede the action of chemicals that are known to effect cause blood pressure.
  • Green tea lowers the blood sugar level.
    Green tea has the capability of lowering blood sugar levels. The catechins and polysaccharides in green tea have been shown to play a key role in this reduction, this has helped in the treatment of diabetes.
  • Green tea can help to suppress ageing.
    Powerful antioxidising agents such as vitamin E and vitamin C restrain the ageing process, green tea contains
    both these vitamins. The main active ingredient of green tea, catechin, is thought to be a far stronger antioxidant than the two vitamins, adding to the strong weight of evidence that suggests green tea makes you look younger.
  • Green tea refreshes the body.
    Green tea contains caffeine which has a strong stimulating effect. Green tea has an advantage over coffee because the green tea caffeine combines with catechin to produce a rather milder, more natural, effect.
  • Green tea deters food poisoning.
    Green tea has the ability to kill certain bacteria. For instance, it’s strong sterilizing effect on bacteria is used in the treatment of diarrhea.

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