Travel To Japan

TravelIf you are thinking about visiting Japan then we would be please to help. We can assist you with travel information for visitors and residents, guide you around Japan’s major cities (Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Nagoya, Yokohama) and provide essential information on places of interest, Japanese hotels, transport information, visas, temples and shrines, embassies, cultural aspects and more.

  • You can explore views of Mount Fuji, travel to the tea plantations of Shimizu which grow on the sunny sides of the overlooking hills intermixed with orange trees or you can taste the succulent strawberries on the coastline.
  • Visit Tokyo, where you can marvel at the world’s most vibrant technologically advanced city. Why don’t you join “Sunrise Tour “? This tour will be guided by English speaking guide!
  • Whilst at the same time view some of the world’s most treasured historic monuments, Kyoto.
  • Take a visit to Yokohama where you can shop in the newly opened International Landmark building or stroll in the open air to kamakura to see the bronze stature of Daibutsu.
  • Relax in the best Hot Springs that mother nature has to offer. You can put aside all of your stresses and strains.
  • Travel around Japan in the world famous ” bullet train” which cruises at 180 miles per hour, bringing speed and service to levels that are normally only found in dreams. There is a nice system for traveller, “Japan Rail Pass”.
  • For skiers, Japan has many resorts to offer from gentle slopes to the full Olympic downhill at Nagano.

  • If you have any physical difficulties, do not worry. Contact “HANDY WHEELER GROUP” they will give you special help for anybody. Nothing is impossible!!

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