Japanese Tea

Matcha Cooking Powder

Mount Fuji produces many types of tea and that includes Green Tea Powder. There are many ways to produce the powder and the highest quality is called Matcha, Cooking Matcha & Sprinkles which are made from high quality sencha tea, the same as our good quality tea’s. General cooking powder is made from lower quality and it reflects in cooking. To make the best with cooking you should use some

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Japanese Food

Mount Fuji and the Shizuoka Prefecture

Mount Fuji International has unique links to food producers in the Shizuoka Prefecture and is totally committed to boosting the profile of this unique and special region. Mount Fuji International sells green tea and delicious foods from the Shizuoka region. Shizuoka farmers grow many kinds of crops such as green tea, mandarin oranges, citrus fruits, Japanese horseradish (wasabi) and melons. Shizuoka also has an amazing abundance of fresh sea food.

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Japanese Rice

Japanese Rice Is Surely The Best

Japanese rice is grown across virtually all of Japan. A bowl of rice is included in most family meals. Japanese style rice is also grown in the US. Kokuho Rose is available from our Mount Fuji online shop. Most Japanese use rice cookers (using measured amounts of washed rice and water). The rice is first washed until the water becomes clear. Then, before cooking it is usually soaked in water.

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