Japanese Sweets

Japanese sweets (wagashi) are exquisite in their beauty and taste. Japanese sweets are made mostly of grains, beans, fruit and wild plants. The many different varieties have an amazing sense of the seasons. Japanese confectioners work hard at making traditional Japanese wagashi sweets that are also innovative enough to appeal to everyone. Why not visit our restaurant in Birmingham and and take away some sweets.

Japanese Sweets – Wagashi

Mount Fuji has a selective range of Japanese confectionery with a new range of Japanese green tea sweets. We sell Lotte koala no march choco, Meiji Pokemon biscuits, Yoneya mini yakan and Hi-Chu candy to name but a few. Unique to Mount Fuji only, we offer Shimizu Gift wagashi in the form of Green Tea wagashi. These are posted directly to you from Shimizu, Shizuoka and include a range of Hello kitty Shizuoka products (sweets, key rings, phone straps) all only available in Shizuoka or from Mount Fuji.

Why not try our delicious green Tea Puppy sweets made in Mount Fuji’s home-town or perhaps some green tea flavoured biscuits? Pocky Chocolates are Japan’s most famous chocolate maker and there are many different types available. We offer many rare ones such as Pocky G, Pocky Chocolate and Pocky Strawberry. We also sell chocolate such as koala’s with a choice of Strawberry or Chocolate inside.