Japanese Nori – Japanese seaweed

Nori is thin dry sheets of seaweed used in Japanese cooking. Nori is mainly used to wrap sushi and as garnish for other cold foods. Choose from the nori selection at Mount Fuji: konbu nori, Ao Nori and roasted nori sheets and Kelp. Buy nori in our online shop.

Japanese nori – Japanese seaweed

Japanese Nori Seaweed has a crispy texture and its saltiness complements the soft sweetness of sushi rice. Sushi makes a wonderful hors d’oeuvre and it can also be served as a main course. Mount Fuji sell sheets of roasted seaweed to compliment any Japanese dish. Nori is eaten in Japan almost everyday, from breakfast time to late night snacks. Nori is usually eaten with rice. For Sushi, rice is rolled with the nori and with a variety of vegetables and fish. Call the team on 01743 741169 or shop online. Why not visit our restaurant in Birmingham and see the versatility of nori in a wide selection of meals.

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Nori is so healthy and here it is wrapped around sushiJapanese nori seaweed is high in fibre, vitamins, protein and minerals. Nori seaweed provides calcium and iron and contains other important trace minerals. Nori is traditionally eaten to strengthen the circulatory system and help lower cholesterol.

Nori is so versatile but it is most commonly used as a wrap for sushi and onigiri. It is also used as a garnish or flavoring in noodles and soups. Nori is typically toasted (yaki-nori). A very common and popular secondary product is toasted and flavored nori (ajitsuke-nori), in which a flavouring such as soy sauce, spices and sugar is applied during toasting. Nori is also eaten by making it into a soy sauce flavored paste noritsukudani.

Mount Fuji nori tip: Sprinkle some flaked nori onto some tempura king prawns just before frying.

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Nori Recipes

Nori is perfect to just sprinkle on as a wonderful food decoration. It has a thousand and one uses. Buy some nori here.